i want to share about my collection of cow


Welcome to my bed room

I want to share about stories my collection of cows.

I will share my cow collection, come in: D

I like the cow from junior high school. the first, I like cows because it has a motif is funny, so I was interested in collecting more accesorries of cows.

  • There is a painting on the wall, this painting made by my cousin, look at this painting, this is barn yard cartoon,, you know that cartoon? 😀
  • And then, this is picture of cow, the picture was made by ex-boyfriend .. ups: D
  • Look at my bed, this is a gift from my father and my mother, the bed has always been my favorite place to just rest and sleep
  • Pillows and bed cover gived from my mom
  • This cow blanket form FITRI, she is one of my best friends in class 3eb21
  • pajama was bought by my mother when we are shopping at one of the mall in Jakarta
  • the shirt was a gift from my father, the shirt often I wear for everyday activities
  • Sandal room and Gloves notebook gift from my cousin and girlfriends
  • Bags, handphone case, wallets, and pencil cases. I bought myself when I was senior high school in one of the malls in Jakarta, but it was dull as long
  • This also the pencil cases gift from my cousin, his name is TINO
  • In the pencil cases, there are pencil, pen, eraser and sharpener small, I bought all these books in stores
  • There are cows note for unique records
  • This also cows paper, this paper just i save for collection
  • There is Phone wallpaper, I bought in depok when i’m training lab assistant
  • This is my watch hand, I bought at one of the mall in Bekasi
  • It’s accesorries case, there are cow ring, cow pins, and there are keychains cow, that cow mask purchased at a bookstore near SUCI’s house, exciting right?
  • There are sticker cow, this sticker from candy wrappers cow picture, then I cut and paste it on the learn table, the unique right?
  • It’s helmet, big sharpener, and Flashdisk cow, I bought myself when I was a scholarship, but lost at campus, I was very sad because it’s one thing sharpener a difficult find, until now I have not been able to again sharpener cow at the bookstore
  • We go to other, by the way this was my first collection, this is cow cars, i get this toy from my cousin, only a small miniature but cute 😀
  • there are picture frames and cow piggy bank from my niece in batam, her name SABIYA
  • There are also glass cow, cow piggy bank from sulia, Githa, and beautiful, they are my best friend, this is also glass cow from DEA, she is my best friend of best friend, thanks baby 😀
  • The alarm clock was a gift from my senior high school friend
  • Look at the picture, a miniature cow and birthday cake from my best friends in the class 3eb21, this is my birthday gift present to-20 years
  • This is umbrella, i bought in Bogor station,when i travel with tyta and bela, they are my best friend
  • This doll from my mother and my father, my birthday gift present to-16 years, this is dolls from my friend in senior high school
  • There is doll gift from my friend in senior high school, when i teached dancing .. do you like dancing? Ooh.. dancing so fun 😀
  • And then some dolls from my friend

By the way, of all my collection of cow, cow doll is my favorite, because it is a gift from my mother and father,, but thanks to all my family and my best friend for your gived. I’m very happy and exciting with averyting about cows 😀

Ok finish, so many stories about my cow accesorries collection, would you be interested?

Cow is my favorite, how about you guys …..?

Good bye, see you next time…. thank you 😀


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